Bibi Wielinga

Hi! I’m Bibi Wielinga, student, ex-politician and the new recruitment consultant.


Guiding people to their full potential has always been a passion of mine. When I was sixteen I started my career in politics with the European political party Volt. I became a top-candidate for the European elections as well as the Dutch national elections. Within this party I had the exact same goal as I do now; listening to people, trying to understand their hopes and goals in life and giving them some tools to achieve those.
Within politics that meant structural change in our systems, here at blooming that entails finding a dream job that gives you the power to achieve your own goals.


During my career in politics I contributed to multiple projects and had a variety of jobs. I have been apart of the Dutch Youth Debating team, here I learned the skill of persuasion and negotiation. These skills I would like to use within my role at blooming people, after all convincing a jury can be very similar to negotiating the conditions of a contract and getting you the job you want.


I will be focusing on roles within CRO web/ data analytics. I choose CRO because the psychology of online marketing intrigues me and is continuously teaching me about human behavior. Next to that I will focus on data analytics because the distillation of solutions from data fascinates me as well.


If you are an CRO professional, data professional or someone within these areas at the start of their career, whom i can help with some guidance or advice, feel free to send me an email or whatsapp!

Bibi Wielinga